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Three Women

About The Science

Hon. Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, DNM, PhD, DCSJ is an inventor, researcher, professor of Applied Integrative Biophysics. Her lifelong, award-winning work in applied integrative biophysics has earned prestigious recognition by earning the Presidential and International Who's Who award and lecturing at the United Nations, MIT, the World Health Summit, the Harvard Club, London's Royal Society of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical School, the Scalar Research Experts Conference, Tesla Tech, Regenerative Technology and Anti-aging Congresses, as well as numerous medical schools and Ministries of Health worldwide. Honored for her humanitarian service, Dr. Michael has served on the board of the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines and as a Commissioner for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Dr Michael is featured globally in a variety of books, newspaper and journal articles, including a peer-reviewed University of Hawaii study on seizure disorder in autism. Dr. Michael has taught holistic health for over four decades. During that time she including invented the 1st effective "Scalar Healing Light Chamber" in 1978 in her Salon of Health. Her True Bio-scalar EESystem Technology has been broadcasted widely on radio and TV, and seen on CNN, Fox News, The Doctors, The Wall Street Journal and The Beverly Hill Times. 






About the System

The EESystem, generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including "scalar waves". These energy fiels can allow cell regeneration, improve circulation and immune function, reduce inflammation, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing R/L brain balance for optimal meditation and sleep states, increasing cell membrane potential, mitochondrial and stem cell activity and energy levels for optimum function. 

This stunning Bio-scalar Photonic Fusion Technology, invented by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, PhD, DNM DCSJ, uses custom-built and precisely installed units and screens to generate multiple bio-active energy fields that create an extraordinary hyper-healthy energetic environment. The EESystem has been extensively researched since 1996 for its multitude of beneficial effects and recognized at dozens of medical, scientific and professional conferences around the world.

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